Tarheel Nurses in London During Spring Break 2009

We have invited our students who are studying the health care system of the UK, and who are in London this week to report their experiences, observations, and describe the value that this trip has for them as nursing students. Please follow their comments below.

2 Responses to “Tarheel Nurses in London During Spring Break 2009”

  1. Jarrod Kanady Says:

    Wow, so busy in the UK while I was over the pond that I didn’t have a chance to post. So I will catch up.

    Arrived Saturday March 7.

    Got on a train to Paris for some Rand R before the educational program started. Had a great time seeing everything I could in 24 hours. What a trip.

    Monday- We all meet up at kings College a little jet lagged but ready to go. We heard from several proffessors and got a good start to basic education of nurses in the UK as well as definition of certain jobs (ex. Public health nurse = District nurse in the UK.) All the staff at Kings College was very courteous and receptive to our many questions.
    Tuesday- Thursday We visited a major hospital in southern London and toured many units. This was educational and interesting in comparison. There privacy laws are very similar and taken very serious as well. Many similarities in there system and ours can be found. Wed- Back to kings college to meet with Nurse prescriber students and learn about there advanced practice programms. Very different than ours and is too different to describe but if interested look up King’s College website. We also spoke with 2 PhD students one from Cyprus and one from Saudi Arrabi. They were great and gave us a great overview of their systems. Thursday we visited a mental disabilty institution which was a great experience. The unit was not government funded and had to find funding but took great care of many ranges of patients. Our system could learn a few valuable lessons about long term and short term recovery care. i was amazed at the professionalism and level of care at this facility.
    Friday- Florence Nightingale Museum and a few tours that we wanted to sneak in.

    What a trip. I highly suggest going next year. I would like to thank laura Nassir and our associate Dean of nursing for supporting this valuable learning experience. We have a lot to learn from the world and we should go out and bring the knowledge home.

  2. Cathryn Blackmon Says:

    The week of spring break 2009 has been very exciting as well as educational. I had the unique opportunity to journey to London with 8 of my Nursing 699 classmates on a cross-cultural learning experience of the healthcare system in the United Kingdom. This class is an advanced practicum in nursing and led by Laura Nasir, MSN, RN, FNP-BC and Gwen Sherwood, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, PhD, RN, FAAN. Nursing 699 is composed of 8 MSN students, 2 Systems, 1 Eduation, 1 Informatics, 2 FNP and 2 ANP to highlight areas of individual concentration.
    Our objectives were to explore and compare the healthcare delivery systems of the United States and the United Kingdom utilizing a variety of experiences. There included oral history, historical tours, cultural perspectives, society and healthcare demographics as well as tours of public and private (charitable )trusts(hospitals) organizational development and management. We were also able to meet with nurses in various areas and levels of clinical and educational practice to compare and contrast the role requirements, titles and duties in the UK versus the USA.This experience was a joint effort between UNC-SON and the King’s College London, Florence Nightingale School of Nursing and Midwifery.
    The learning experience was informatically intense, but necessary for a graduate collegiate experience and exchange in cross-cultural comparisons of global healthcare systems. I returned with a broader understanding of a National Health Care system, the geographical -historical composition and socio-economic development of the European Union as well as the educational requirements for qualification and advancement as a registered nurse in the United Kingdom.


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