ABC News Features Dean Swanson’s Research on Miscarriage

ABC News posted an article Dec. 10, 2009, about the emotions that surround miscarriage and early pregnancy loss. The story explores the reactions and feelings experienced by several couples and includes analysis and data from  experts, including School of Nursing Dean Kristen M. Swanson.

In the article, Swanson discusses the intensity of emotions associated with a pregnancy loss and how male and female partners experience the loss in different ways. Through her research, she said, she has found that women experience a pregnancy loss in very vivid terms, and their partners feel the loss more vaguely.

Swanson recently published a study about the benefits of nurse-led counseling for couples experiencing miscarriage and early pregnancy loss in the August issue of the Journal of Women’s Health and Gender-Based Medicine.

One Response to “ABC News Features Dean Swanson’s Research on Miscarriage”

  1. Maria Alejandro Says:

    Exploring the depths of pain involved in miscarriages can be very helpful to many women. Knowing they are not alone in the experience and establishing the fact that there is an abundance of support is comforting. Many of us know someone that has experienced this and understand how difficult it can be to readjust to normalcy. A very probing analysis was accomplished.


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