Nurses in the Media: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

The Truth About Nursing, a media advocacy organization dedicated to improving the public’s understanding of nurses’ roles in healthcare, published what it views at the Top 10 Best & Worst portrayals of nurses in both the news and entertainment media for the past decade.

In a recent interview for Carolina Nursing, Sandy Summers, Truth About Nursing executive director, said that portraying nurses in a misleading way has been a long-standing problem for the media.

“Whether it’s TV, films, billboards, magazines or music, the media historically depict nurses incorrectly — they just don’t know who nurses are,” she said. “These portrayals leave people with the impression that nurses don’t do anything interesting or important.”

The irony lies, Summers said, in the fact that a nurse’s job is so vital and dramatic that nursing tasks are often performed by doctors in the movies or on television shows.

To see the full Top 10 list, click here.

The upcoming issue of Carolina Nursing (to be published this month) will include an article on this subject.

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  2. Anna CNA Says:


    Your post is really nice and informative. You explain very well that how media whether it is electronic media or print media portray the nurse. Thanks for sharing this post.



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