ABC News Features Dean Swanson’s Research on Miscarriage

ABC News posted an article Dec. 10, 2009, about the emotions that surround miscarriage and early pregnancy loss. The story explores the reactions and feelings experienced by several couples and includes analysis and data from  experts, including School of Nursing Dean Kristen M. Swanson.

In the article, Swanson discusses the intensity of emotions associated with a pregnancy loss and how male and female partners experience the loss in different ways. Through her research, she said, she has found that women experience a pregnancy loss in very vivid terms, and their partners feel the loss more vaguely.

Swanson recently published a study about the benefits of nurse-led counseling for couples experiencing miscarriage and early pregnancy loss in the August issue of the Journal of Women’s Health and Gender-Based Medicine.

Eight Students Interviewed for ABC Story on Nursing and Nursing Shortage

On Monday, March 17, eight BSN students were interviewed for a story on nursing and the nursing shortage that appears on ABC ‘Talk Back,’ an Internet show that is part of the national ABC network family.

ABC ‘Talk Back’ solicited help from nursing schools across the country to gather video-diary submissions from students talking about why they went into nursing, what challenges they have faced during school and how they think the nursing shortage will affect their career. More than 20 SON students responded to the call for participation, and eight were able to fit the interview into their schedule.

Ed Dills, Tiffany Thompson, Adam Smith, Kam Dubal, Sarah Nantz, Melissa Manero, Matt Feinburg and Paul Couch all gave interviews. Some of their interviews appear as part of a larger story on the ABC News Web site. To view the story, click here:

Select “Top Priority Nursing Shortage Part 1″ from the right-hand side of the screen. Their interviews (2nd, 3rd and 4th students) begin at time mark 5:09.


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