At Least 50 Percent of Global Health Care Provided by Nurses: Students Hold Global Health Fair

Hello everyone! Next week (February 4-8, 2008), the SON will host its 3rd annual Global Health Fair in an effort to raise awareness and understanding of our role, as nurses, in an ever-growing global world. Various campus-wide and student organizations will be displaying information and holding presentations throughout the week on the ground floor of Carrington Hall and in the Fox Auditorium. These displays and presentations will provide us all with a better understanding of the diversity of contributions that nurses make to global health both here in the United States and abroad. In addition to these events, which include a SON faculty panel discussion, a panel of nursing students who have worked or volunteered abroad and guest speakers, we will also be showing several films. There will be week-long, informal showings of Rx for Survival, a compelling PBS documentary showcasing stories of global health champions and the communities they strive to protect. These showings will take place in Carrington on the ground floor, outside Fox Auditorium, and in the study loft above the Fox Auditorium. We hope to also show several other films for FREE nightly throughout the week from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. in Room 15 and in Fox. These films include Invisible Children, the story of child soldiering in the on-going civil war in northern Uganda; Babel, starring Brad Pitt; and Michael Moore’s controversial documentary, Sicko. We hope to also provide popcorn and soda for guests during these viewings! As globalization continues, the future of nursing will undoubtedly incorporate global health matters. Within our communities, the rates of immigration are only growing, leading to a very diverse patient population, locally and nationally. According to the World Health Organization, at least 50 percent of all health care around the globe is given by nurses. By virtue of the leadership role that nurses assume within the international health sector and the professional responsibility to provide effective, competent and compassionate care, we have an obligation to understand and be aware of the way that others live both abroad and within our own communities. Be on the look out for more information, including a schedule of events for next week’s Global Health Fair. Please come out and support our efforts to give Global Health a voice at the SON! Hope to see you there next week!

Korey Christian, BSN-24 month senior

Will Morrow, BSN-24 month senior

Co-directors, UNC SON Global Health Committee


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