NCLEX Stress Getting You Down? Tips for More Effective Preparation

As nursing students approach graduation, their elation with the end of their academic endeavors is undoubtedly mixed with trepidation about the licensing exam they must pass in order to practice nursing.

The NCLEX exam is not an easy test to conquer — it requires students to remember pertinent details from throughout their entire nursing education. Studying and preparing for the test can be overwhelming. There are, however, a few strategies that can help nursing students breathe a little easier as they get closer and closer to test day.

To see five tips to better NCLEX prep:

SON Exceeds Previous NCLEX Pass Rate

The SON first-time pass rate for the NCLEX for the first six months of 2009 was 98 percent. This surpasses the previous pass rate of 97 percent achieved last year. To date, 126 students have tested for the first time this year.

New NCLEX Results Reported — SON Students Excel!

The NCLEX results for the first two quarters of 2008 (through June 30) were recently reported. The SON had 131 students take the exam for the first time during this time, and 127 — or 97 percent — passed. This news reflects the hard work of faculty and students especially as students navigated the many curriculum changes associated with the exam this year. Congratulations to all. The next round of results are expected in mid-October.


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