RN-BSN and Women’s Health NP Options Suspended as of August

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Nursing will suspend admissions into the Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN-BSN) option of the BSN program and the Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner option in the Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) program after August 2011.

These programmatic changes are necessary because of ongoing state budget cuts. In January, Chancellor Holden Thorp instituted campus-wide cuts equal to a 5 percent permanent state budget reduction to take effect July 1. That move anticipated expected reductions to the University’s state appropriations that could reach as high as 15 percent for fiscal 2011-2012. These anticipated cuts come on top of almost 10 percent in permanent cuts that the School of Nursing has absorbed over the last two years.

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Debra Barksdale Appointed to National Health Panel

Debra Barksdale, PhD, RN, CFNP, CANP

Debra Barksdale, PhD, RN, CFNP, CANP

, associate professor at the University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill School of Nursing, has been appointed to a new national health-care research panel. Barksdale (PhD, RN, CFNP, CANP) is one of the 19 members of the Board of Governors for the new Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI).

The institute was established under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, part of the federal government’s health-care reform legislation signed into law earlier this year. The Act specified that at least one nurse be on the board, and Barksdale will fulfill this requirement.

“There are some major needs regarding health and health care in our country, and I hope to be able to make a contribution,” Barksdale said. “I bring my knowledge and skill as a researcher, primary care nurse practitioner, and educator to the board. I will also be an advocate for the disadvantaged, underserved and underrepresented in regard to issues of health and research.”

The institute’s role is to assist patients, clinicians, purchasers and policymakers in making informed health decisions by carrying out research projects. Those studies should provide quality, relevant evidence on how diseases, disorders and other health conditions can effectively and appropriately be prevented, diagnosed, treated, monitored and managed.

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Dean Kristen Swanson Featured on Radio Show

Dean Kristen Swanson

Dean and Alumni Distinguished Professor Kristen M. Swanson was the featured guest on the Sept. 11 YOUR HEALTH radio talk show. She talked about the Swanson Theory of Caring, updated listeners on the nursing shortage, and discussed issues facing nurses and nursing education today.

YOUR HEALTH is a weekly one hour radio talk show on patient health produced by the University of North Carolina Department of Family Medicine. The show is co-hosted by Dr. Adam Goldstein and Dr. Cristy Page.

Listen to the radio show here: http://yourhealthradio.org/listen-to-the-show/.

Trip to Vietnam Lets Student Practice Nursing in the Real World

Minh Nguyen and Dr. Linda Cronenwett

Minh Nguyen has just returned from a summer trip to Vietnam that was part of the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Nursing’s .  He was the recipient of the Cronenwett Global Study Award, created by a private gift to honor Dean Emerita Linda H. Cronenwett.  Read about his experience:

Prior to the trip, I knew there was a big gap between the health care systems of Vietnam and the US. Among the differences, the lack of infection control posed the biggest threat to the health and safety of the patients. The hospitals in Vietnam are overcrowded and lack resources, and overuse of antibiotics has increased infection rates.

Because of these problems I wanted to do a project to reduce the infection rate by increasing hand washing compliance since hand washing has proved to be the most effective, and simplest, method. My plan was to spend a week observing at a hospital in Vinh city, another week for planning the interventions and the rest of the time implementing and evaluating those interventions.

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SON Student in Malawi Updates Blog

Amber Draughon, Class of 2009, has updated her blog, discussing the culture in Malawi that she has experienced during her time working on the UNC-Malawi Project on HIV research. To view her blog: http://amberdinmalawi.weebly.com/blog.html

Faculty Member Marilyn Oermann Receives NLN Award

Faculty member and division chair Marilyn Oermann received the National League for Nursing

Faculty member and division chair Marilyn Oermann will receive an NLN award in September.

Faculty member and division chair Marilyn Oermann will receive an NLN award in September.

(NLN) Award for Excellence in Nursing Education Research. Her award will be presented during the awards banquet that will be held during the NLN Education Summit on Saturday, Sept. 26, 2009.

SON Faculty Member Publishes Third Edition of Book

SON faculty member Marilyn Oermann published the third edition of her book this month. The book, titled “Evaluation and Testing in Nursing Education,” was released on Friday, May 15.

All teachers at some time need to assess learning. The teacher may write test items, prepare tests and analyze their results, develop rating scales and clinical evaluation methods, and plan other strategies for assessing learning in the classroom, clinical practice, online courses, and other settings. Often teachers are not prepared to carry out these tasks as part of their instructional role. This edition of “Evaluation and Testing in Nursing Education” is a resource for teachers in nursing education programs and healthcare agencies, a textbook for graduate students preparing for their role as a nurse educator and a guide for nurses in clinical practice who teach others and are responsible for evaluating their learning and performance.

International Geriatric Clinical Simulation Conference Set for April 2-3, 2009

Connecting the Dots: Geriatric Nursing, Education, and Clinical Simulation International Conference, to be held April 2-3, 2009, at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel in Research Triangle Park, will focus on global issues and solutions, invite best practices from all corners of the health care arena, and involve international experts.

Innovative solutions to meet the challenges faced by nurse clinicians, educators, and leaders will be presented with emphasis on preparing the new nursing workforce, lifelong learning needs of seasoned caregivers, trends and innovations in geriatric nursing education and practice, and educational uses of human patient simulator technologies.

To date, 85 abstracts have been accepted for presentation from innovative institutions in Asia, Europe, and North America. A full day of clinical simulation practice using human patient simulators programmed with geriatric case studies are included as an educational option for conference attendees.

The program was developed and is presented through an international collaboration between The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Nursing and Flinders University School of Nursing and Midwifery in Adelaide, Australia.

It will be held at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel, Research Triangle Park, Durham, North Carolina, close to Raleigh-Durham International Airport.

For program information, registration, and sponsorship opportunities, please see .


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