The Collection Box

This year the School will send 30 students, mainly from the BSN and MSN programs, to Honduras to run and assist with health clinics, feeding programs and visiting orphanages and hospitals as ambassadors from UNC. The trip, from March 6-15, 2008, will focus on increasing the cultural understanding of migrant Latino health issues and applying this knowledge to the growing Hispanic population in North Carolina.

Student’s individual cost for this trip is $1,300. Although some medical professionals have volunteered their time and some medicines and supplies have been donated through the non-profit organization Compassion Med International, trip participants still need financial funding to purchase supplies here and in Honduras. The following donations would also be helpful:

Over-the-counter meds:
Tylenol 325mg (60 bottles x 100ct)
Tylenol 500mg (50 bottles x 100ct)
Cough Drops (~20bags of 30 or more ct)
Neosporin (20 tubes x 30gm)
Hydrocortisone 0.5% (25 tubes 15gm or 30gm)
Hydrocortisone 1.0% (25 tubes 15 gm or 30gm)
Lotrimin Cream 1.0%(antifungal cream) (25 tubes)
Vaginal Cream [anti-yeast] – 15-20 tubes
Poly-vi-sol (10-15 bottles)
Pepto-Bismol tablets ( 20 boxes )
Children’s Vitamins
Adult Vitamins
Prenatal vitamins
Ibuprofen 200mg

School supplies:
New or nearly new children’s book bags and light weight school supplies (paper will be purchased in Honduras)

A collection box will be placed outside the Division 2 door on the 4th floor of Carrington Hall. Another box will be in front of Jean Davison’s office door, 535. Please mail financial donations to Compassion Med International, 200 Sage Rd., Chapel Hill, N.C., 27514.

With the support of SON faculty and staff, 20 participants worked in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, during Spring Break 2007. The team saw more than 300 patients daily in the clinic, and they delivered food packets to feed 30 families for a week. They also provided clothing, vitamins and medicines to an orphanage, visited and gave medical supplies to a local hospital and provided vitamins and anti-parasitic medications to thousands of children.


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