Faculty researcher Diane Berry Interviewed by Orlando Sentinel

Weight loss, and type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease prevention

Diane Berry, PhD, CANP, assistant professor at UNC Chapel Hill School of Nursing, was quoted in an Orlando Sentinel article on motivation to lose weight. Berry focuses her research on both behavior and physiology, working with Black, Latino, and White children and parents to manage their weight and prevent type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Here is an excerpt from the article that quotes Berry:

“‘Many people are concerned about their weight, but people who successfully lose weight often experience a personal intersection, ‘ says Diane Berry. Often, she says, the one defining moment, their tipping point, is the accumulation of many experiences, from humiliations, embarrassments or frightening medical news. In a study of 20 women who had lost 10 percent of their body weight and kept it off for a year, Berry found that most of the women experienced a defining moment that led them to lose weight. For some, it was someone’s critical comment about their appearance; for others it was stepping on a scale and being shocked at their weight or buying a larger dress size.”

You can read the full article at http://www.orlandosentinel.com/features/lifestyle/orl-tippingpoint08feb26,0,7415239.story


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